7×7 Award

Thank you ImpowerYou for nominating me for this award, it is an honor. I


The rules are to share 7 facts about myself, compile 7 links from my own blog, and award this to 7 other bloggers.

Here I go.

1. I hate wearing socks and shoes, would walk barefoot everywhere if I could.

2. I feel most peaceful at the ocean.

3. I love to sing and wish I had the guts to sing karaoke.

4. I love the country and country music; truthfully I’m a country girl at heart.

5. One day I will own a 1964 ½ Mustang, metallic blue with white leather seats and my initials in    the driver’s seat in baby blue.

6. If #5 didn’t give it away my favorite color is BLUE.

7. My first and only published piece (which is about me, you can read it on my page under When I Am Her) was published this year in a book of self-discovery for women called When I Am Her.

A selection of my favorite blog posts in no particular order:

  1. How Bad Do You Want Success
  2. Finding My Inner Thin Girl
  3. Re-write your Ending Story
  4. Monkey and the Banana
  5. Spend Time With The Nice People
  6. Fear of Success, Am I Worth It
  7. Sad News

I pass this award along to the following blogs. I love each for different reasons. All of them are talented bloggers who have touched me in their own unique ways. Do not feel obligated to accept this award, just know how much I admire your work.

  1. Hodgepodge4thesoul
  2. Vitabrevisfitness
  3. Gouldiegirl
  4. Weightohealth
  5. Theinvisibleshadow
  6. hurdlestohappiness
  7. mommywritervkent

7 thoughts on “7×7 Award

  1. I am so humbled that you have found something about my blog that has touched you! Indeed, it’s a blessing and an honor. 😀

  2. I really feel blessed that you have 1. Thought enough of my blog to nominate it and 2. Have enjoyed my blog enough to think about it. You are fantastic and I congratulate you as well. Stay awesome!

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