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Press Through to the Change

Press through to the change!

I don’t remember where I found this little picture with that amazing saying but I’m glad I did.
It is human nature to get to a point in whatever we are doing that is either extremely challenging or painful and then we stop. Have you ever done that? I have, every time I try to get on track with my workouts I get to a point that the effort and the pain is just too much. But it’s time to start pressing through the mess and just do it.
I don’t want that little voice inside my head to win out anymore, I’m ready for the change, I’m ready to take life by storm and show everybody what I’m made of. So starting right now I am making a commitment to myself and to you to push through the pain and get my butt in gear. It’s time to get this girl in shape.
In order to hold myself accountable I will post my goals here for all to see and update you every now and again on my progress. This year is going to be about making the change instead of talking about it.
Keep your eyes open for my goals. As I’m pushing through I hope that you are challenging yourself to push through as well in whatever area of life you let the pain defeat you. I’d love to support each other in our journey’s so if you’d like to post your goals or your journey here with mine (or you can email me at tammy.jordan1@comcast.net put in the subject line my screen name so I know to open it) we can help hold each other accountable and give that encouraging word to each other that we all need from time to time. I look forward to hearing from you. Be blessed.