About me: I’m a Simple Girl

There isn’t a lot to say about me. I’m a simple person who loves life, but just like most people am struggling to find my way. I would love to one day publish a book or even write an article for a magazine. A friend of mine recently wrote a book called When I Am Her by ChivonΒ Morris, an amazing book of self discovery for women and I was blessed to be apart of that. I started this blog partially because of her, she has been one of the main stepping-stones on myΒ path of self discovery, of redefining myself, and realizing my worth.

So here I am, writing for the first time for not just my friends to see, but for the world and I pray they take notice. My goal is not to become famous, not to be rich. I’m really a simple girl it doesn’t take all that. My goal is to reach out to ALL the beautiful, talented, loving, women no matter their age and help them see the worth within themselves that all to often is over shadowed by the many, many hats women wear in their lives. I want to share a piece of myself with you, the same way Chivon Morris did with me. I guess you would call that paying it forward.

My request of you, the reader is that when you read one of my posts that you visualize your own life and think about how what you are reading pertains to your life.Β If you find it doesn’t pertain to your life today, come back and check out my next post because that might just be the one you needed to read. And please, please remember you are worth it!

xoxoxo TJ


51 thoughts on “About me: I’m a Simple Girl

  1. I like your blog TJ. Are you interested in having a guest blogger?
    I write about empowering young women, self defense, feminism and individual empowerment.
    I look forward to hearing from you, Leah

  2. These are truly wonderful words, and very loving sister to sister. I wish you too, to find your worth – or no, to KNOW it.

    Congrats on your friend getting her book out there. That’s fantastic. I am yet to look into publishers, but it is my February goal to go on the internet & identify a few I might approach with my work, which is my blog – my telling of a certain period of my life. Oh, at that time I can tell you I had no self esteem/worth.

    Your blog is strong, relatable, readable and commendable. It’s wonderful.


    • Thank you! I am realizing my worth more and more each day. Good luck on publishing your work! I pray that you have the self esteem and worth that you didn’t have then in your life to keep pressing till someone takes notice of you. Thank you for the wonderful compliments on my blog, I am new to this and not always sure I am doing it right. I appreciate the encouragement.

  3. Praying God opens doors for you as you step out on this new platform. May every woman who comes across your blog be touched somehow and pass it along. We need to know our worth and most of all who we are in Christ.

    So glad I came across your page through another blog! Looking forward to your posts and uplifting and encouraging insight. Be blessed πŸ˜‰

    Living Simply In Abundance

    • Thank you so much Terra. I am new to blogging haven’t even be doing it a month yet, but I am truly loving it. I fought with finding my worth for too long and can say somedays I still struggle with it. But it is so important for us, especially as women to know. And I most definetly agree first and for most is knowing who we are in Christ, once we do that finding and accepting our worth isn’t quite as hard. xoxoxo TJ

  4. It’s not just women that can take a lot out of your blog… Your sincerity and depth of character is soulful and unique. I appreciate your voice and can’t wait to hear more of it!

  5. HI. Very nice blog. I am also new to blogging,…learning as I go along. I am enjoying it very much and so nice to have met you. Have a super day. πŸ™‚

  6. Hello, great blog you have here! Thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

    • Thank you Renee that means so much to me that you see something in my blog worth taking the time to nominate me for an award. I am so behind on posting award nominations. I will do my best to get to posting as soon as possible. Thank you again.

  7. YOU are very welcome. YOU are most deserving. Your blog is an inspiration for women of all ages. Thank you. Have a great day. hugs. πŸ™‚ Renee

  8. I see you aspire to having an article published. I’ve enjoyed that privilege/opportunity, and have learned, just as in other venues where “practice makes perfect”, the best way to improve your writing is to write, and this blog is giving you a great opportunity to do that! And in the meantime, keep doing it for the reasons you are doing it now, as you never know whose life you might touch and inspire at their exact point of need!

    • Thank you for the encouragement and the tip. Having an article posted one day is one of my dreams as well as writing and publishing a book. I look forward to the day I can celebrate it. I’m sure I’m late on this but congrats on having a piece published that is a great privilege. What was it? I will keep pushing and writing with the hopes of touching peoples lives, that is in essence my overall goal. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment it brightened my day.

  9. As a freelancer, I’ve written for our local newspaper, Missions Mosaic magazine, Baptist Press, and our state Baptist Convention Board, and Mature Living magazine. I thank God for avenues He has opened for me!

  10. Thanks for the blessing this morning, and i pray that you enjoy your blessings of this day! Every day is a life unto itself, so go hard, love hard, sow the seeds of your spirit’s love into the hearts of others, and you will always reap the value of your decision…being blessed with a steady flow of blossoming abundance! Your visits and your messages always still make my heart dance! Love you much!

    • Thank you so much I’m honored every time someone finds value in my words. πŸ™‚ I am doing great. I hope you are well as well. I am in the middle opening a non-profit thrift store so time to type is minimal but I do greatly appreciate your recognition of my blog. It’s always a good feeling. God bless.

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