Success Stories ~ #1

On my first page post of Finding My Inner Thin Girl I asked that those of you who wanted to share your success stories, whatever they may be to send them to me via my email and I would create a Success Stories page so we could all share in and celebrate each others success. Today I received my first of what I hope is many success stories. Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to type of your success story and share with us, every triumph deserves to be recognised, especially in a world that tends to focus so much on the negative. Jennifer, I applaud you on your success and I look forward to hearing more and more of your success as you continue to triumph in many other areas of your life. I hope you all enjoy her story as much as I did and don’t forget to check out her blogs at;
Hi Miss Tammy!

At 5 feet 2 inches, every cookie I nibbled showed up on my hind quarters the following day. I tried every diet in the book, and every weight loss program, and did horrible things to my body starting at age 16–exercising six hours a day, throwing up, and eventually not eating. I would lose and gain, lose and gain. Most days, I simply wanted to end it all so that the struggle with my weight, and myself would end.
At 31-years-old, I tried yet another diet. I did this one for three months. Though the food tasted like what I imagine the astronauts eat, the containers it came in were perfect for portion size. I got off that diet but kept the containers. Though at first, I thought I’d starve to death because the portions were so small, my stomach eventually shrunk. I was eating 1/2 to 3/4 less than what I’d been eating. 
I slowly began to switch my foods from white to brown and green. (White rice to brown, white bread to brown, and incorporated more veggies. Even the ones I didn’t like.)
BUT it wasn’t until I got in the kitchen, rolled up my sleeves and started cooking– making my own food did the switch really stick. (I have since completely switched over to whole grains. Bulgar, spelt, cous cous, whole wheat flour, wheat bran, steel-cut oats, flax seeds, etc.) 
I’m presently trying to wean myself completely off sugar.
I have kept off 25 pounds for 5 years now! I have more energy to exercise and my back pain completely went away! 
But most importantly for me–I’m finally thin. I can wear the tank tops, the short shorts, the sundresses and feel confident. I can even wear a bikini now. Me in a bikini. Amazing.
My goal is to keep my weight steady.
There was no book I read, no diet I followed, no guru to show me the way. I don’t exercise like a fiend, and I no longer starve myself. 
I used common sense. I ate much less, and a little bit of everything. I ate less processed food. I cooked and baked almost all of what I ate. Fast food has become a once in a blue moon occurence and I rarely eat out. I no longer crave junk food like I did. I do still crave sugar, but one thing at a time. 
Mostly I just feel better. And I’m proof if you change your eating habits, you will change your life.
I’m still a work in progress. I still have to make a choice each and every time I eat. But I’ve come this far and I REFUSE to go back, ever again. I like wearing these clothes too much.
I even started a blog to make myself cook a variety of foods. So far, it’s working. And the best part of all? I’m eating everything. I’m crushing the rules in my head that say a certain food is off-limits. Even butter. 
Thanks for letting me share!

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