Turn the Page

Sometimes the hardest thing is letting go of things that no longer serve us. Yes this includes people too. We are creatures of habit and most of us do not like change. We get comfortable and complacent. We allow fear of the unknown to keep us stuck, we worry about hurting others or disappointing someone. We give excuse after excuse why we should stay in that situation, at that job, in that city, with that person all so we can stay miserably comfortable.

The truth is, part of loving ourselves is knowing when it’s time to move on, being honest with ourselves and knowing what’s best for us. No one else can help you with this, it’s on you to ask yourself the hard questions being raw and honest with your answers. Stop lying to yourself. It’s time to light your own fire, boldly make your own moves, turn the page and write your own story.

I know it’s scary. I know you might feel inadequate or unprepared. I know you might worry about falling on your face and making a fool of yourself. I know that you might not want to hurt anyone. I know that you might not feel strong or capable enough, smart enough.

I have a question for you though; If not NOW when? When do you make your wants, dreams and desires a priority in your life. When do you stop living for others and start finding your joy. When? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? 5 years from now? Life is too short to not be living in the present. Right here! Right now.

Trust yourself! Believe in yourself! You can do this! You are strong enough! You are capable! You are smart enough! Go create the life you want! Turn the page and write the next chapter.

I believe in you.

Xoxo TJ

Affirmations to Start Your Day!

How many of you do affirmations in the morning before starting your day?

Being mindful about what we think and directing our thoughts into a positive mindset can be a very powerful way to start your day.

We often times are so quick to stand in front of the mirror and say mean things to ourselves. “Ugh I am a hot mess.” “Look at those bags under my eyes.” “I’m getting so old.” Then we walk to our closets to get dressed. “I’m too fat.” “I have a flat butt.” “I don’t look good in anything.” “I’m hopeless.”

When we start our day like this; it tends to continue down that path and spirals until we have had a miserable day and often times break down.

The good news is, we can take control of our thoughts. We can choose to start our day differently and when something happens and we feel that spiral start we can redirect our thoughts.

So tomorrow when you wake up, instead of standing in front of the mirror and picking yourself apart. Say these affirmations. Print them out and tape them to your bathroom mirror, save them to your phone and every time you need a reminder give it to yourself. You don’t need anyone else to affirm you. You got this! Make the choice to take care of you, to feed positivity to your mind, body, and soul.

I challenge you to do this every morning for 30 days and again anytime you need the reminder throughout the day. Then at the end of the day journal answering these questions:

1. How did you feel today?

2. What was one negative thought you could have replaced with a positive one?

3. What is one thing you love about yourself today?

I’d love to hear how your mindfulness journey goes.

I Was Never Miss Popular

I was never miss popular. I’ve never worn a single digit size, ever! Guys weren’t falling all over me. I was never a straight “A” student or on honor roll.

In high school I wasn’t going to the parties or clubs every weekend, I was working. I didn’t get into drugs (thank God), and I drank minimally.

I over compensated for my insecurities by being extremely hyper. I didn’t try out for the things I really wanted to do because I thought I was fat and was very self conscious. I lived most my life scared and worried about what others thought of me.

A people pleaser, that’s what you’d call me. It has always been about what others needed or wanted. Then I had kids and got married, and the cycle of people pleasing continued. The difference, my entire life became about my husband and my kids. I didn’t know how to identify myself without them.

I was in a vicious cycle. I stopped taking care of myself, some areas I just stopped caring. I was tired. I was depressed. I felt stuck and didn’t know how to pull myself out of it.

Why do I tell you all this? Well because at 47 years old I’m in the worst shape of my life, I’ve allowed most of the things I’ve wanted to do to pass me by, I stopped dreaming, I stopped setting goals for myself. I was scared and I let it control me. It’s time to put a stop to that.

Over the years I’ve slowly started changing, finding my worth, my value in this world. I realized putting me first is not selfish it is necessary at this point in my life. Taking control of my health is no longer an option. Becoming the best version of myself and living the best life I can is my focus!

I want to stop talking a good game and start being about the game, it’s time for results. So I’m putting it out there. Yes! Again! Because I need this to work. I need this change in my life. I need to be more, I was created to be more, to do more. I am the daughter of a KING! Time to start acting like it.

So please pray for me as I push myself further and harder then I ever have, I do not want to go into my 50’s the same person.

Xoxo TJ

Careful What You Think!

This 👇🏻 No truer words! It’s also one of the hardest things to take control of but once you do it will change your life. Our thoughts about who we are, what we look like, what we are capable of can either rob us of the life we were meant to have or help us flourish into the best version of ourselves. What are your thoughts doing for you?

My Younger Self

Anyone else feel this way? I hurt for that little girl who felt so lonely, so unworthy, so self conscious. The little girl that hid her pain behind big smiles and over excited behavior. The girl who wanted to make everyone happy and would sacrifice her own happiness to do it. There are days my heart just aches for that little girl and all the other little girls I know are out there going through the same thing.

I want to let her know, it’s going to be alright! She’s going to make it through it. I want to hug her tight and let her know she is not alone. I want to encourage her to step out of her comfort zone and believe in herself. I want to tell her she is loved! She is worthy! She is strong! She is unstoppable! She is everything she thinks she isn’t! I just want to hold her and make her feel safe in this world that is so uncertain.

The struggle is so real! Love you shorty! You got this!


Ladies! This right here is what Sisterhood is about! Building one another up, encouraging, and loving each other. Holding each other accountable, mentoring, sometimes even giving loving and productive feedback.

As a womanhood this is what we should strive for. There are so many others out there trying to tear us down, shame us, or make us feel unworthy. This is not acceptable and we have to be the ones to stop it in its track.

We are worthy and more than capable!!!

I challenge you to go out of your way today to give at least one woman you don’t know a genuine compliment. Don’t just think it when she walks by put a voice to it.

Xoxo TJordan


Where is the Music?

I opened my mouth and nothing but silence is all I heard. I tried to remember the words, to remember the tune but again I open my mouth and meet silence.

The music in my soul is gone in the loneliness of my heart I search for it but find silence.

Where there is not silence there is tears. Overflowing. Drowning. Deafening tears. 

Where is the music? Where have I lost the music of my heart?

TJordan 2015