Sad News!

I find myself in deep thought after receiving some very sad news. My heart is heavy, yet convicted. I recently learned of a friend (my hairdresser of 10 years) who became very ill just before Christmas. She was rushed to the hospital after her water broke at 19 weeks pregnant. At the hospital, she learned she lost her beautiful baby, which would have been her first child, but not only that she had an infection that was spreading quickly. Sadly, the infection was shutting down her liver and making circulation to her hands and feet basically impossible. They took her into surgery to amputate both her feet and her fingertips. As you can imagine this is devastating to her and her family.

I can’t begin to comprehend the emotions she is going through. One day perfectly happy, ready to start a family, making plans, laughing, moving through her day with no knowledge as to what would become of her life and the next day completely devastated.

What would you do?

Ugh! I don’t know why it is that it takes moments like this, when something terrible has happened for a person to really evaluate their life. We start to ask ourselves questions we never would have thought of. It really is scary to think about.

What has come from all this deep thinking and the many tears I’ve shed for this young woman and her family is that we have to stop taking life for granted! I know, you’ve heard it before, we all know we aren’t promised tomorrow. Knowing this though is not enough. When do our dreams, our thoughts, our discussions, our words, our goals, whatever you want to call them, WHEN do they turn into ACTION?

It took the death of my Mom to shake me enough to start making changes in my life, but I still haven’t done all I could. I’ve still held back. One of my deepest regrets was not spending more time with her, but if I look at the relationships most important to me now I can’t really say I have done anything to make sure that same regret doesn’t pop up when I lose someone else I love.

It’s time to start turning words into action. Stop procrastinating! Oh yes, I know, don’t worry I’m not talking to you, I’m sure you wouldn’t do that. I’m preaching to myself. Just let me get it out and I’ll be done.

STOP procrastinating! STOP whining about things you have the power to change and change them! STOP feeling sorry for yourself and get up off your booty and do something to be the change in your life! STOP making excuses and JUST DO IT!

Life is so precious; we have to put into action what our heart keeps yelling at us to do. Why are you waiting to do all the good stuff when you retire? What happens if you don’t make it to retirement? Why are you waiting to tell that one person you are sorry? Why? Are you waiting for them to come to you? Hmmm in the mean time you are losing days, months, and years with a person over something probably not that serious! Why are you waiting to go back to school? Wait! I know! The excuse is you’re too old. HELLO you aren’t getting younger! Enroll!

We are not promised our tomorrows! Don’t waste another day putting life on hold no matter what the reason. Cherish your family. Cherish your friends. Cherish YOU! Put the value back into your life by pouring yourself into the things and people who are valuable to you.


14 thoughts on “Sad News!

  1. how terribly sad for your friend … prayers to her and her family as they find their way through recovering from this unexpected and devastating loss

    I understand what you mean about external life events that make us sit up and take notice and ask ourselves when we are going to be able to translate knowledge into action … how much longer will we wait

  2. Your vulnerability and demand to be heard has taken the words right out of me. Thank you for sharing this woman’s story. It is a reminder, even to myself, to quit sweating the small stuff and press forward to that which is losest o my heart. Unconditional love. Dreams. Family. Faith. Mrs. Jordan, you are a roaring her for the nations! Please never stop inspiring us. Xoxo, Chivon

    • Chivon, Thank you! You however are my inspiration. Her Nation is going to take the world by storm and you are going to touch many a woman’s lives. It is my honor and previledge to be apart of it.

  3. So sad to hear about your friend, it’s so awful that some people have to endure things like that. I can’t even imagine, I dont think anyone can. I have had to re-evaluate my life as I have had some very trying things happening. But the good news is, procrastination is a habit that can be broken! I learned from someone that sometimes placing little note cards or sticky notes at certain points in your home or at work that have a positive phrase on it, can make a whole world of difference. It really does. My thoughts are with you and your friends family!

    • Thank God procrastination is a habit and not something we have to be stuck with. I hope whatever it is that has your re-evaluating your life also reminds you of your worth! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so true – while we all expect life to go well, often it throws horrible things at us. But it is then that you learn who your good friends really are, and who you can lean on.

    Your friend is lucky to have you to support her.

  5. There is no saying what will happen at any time. Our news tells us the world’s a mess, the TV shows try to say we live in Heaven, but our own lives go on, immediate and personal. That’s all we’ve really got and it takes all our courage and faith to live the life we are given. Kristin

  6. It is so sad to hear about your friend Tammy. My prayers go out to her. Such a huge life changing experience for both her and her family and those who are close to her such as yourself. You continue to be the source of light and inspiration for her. She is blessed to have a beautiful friend like you. God bless your heart xox

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