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I May Not Be Beautiful

I may not be beautiful

I may not be skinny

I may not be rich

I may not be many things

To many people

But who I am I love

And what I have to offer I give freely

And those I love

I love openly and without judgment

And those that are my enemies

I love with a heart that believes in change

And although I may not turn heads everywhere I go

Those that do pay me mind

I pray receive from me acceptance, love, encouragement,

And honest friendship

I pray that I do not take from anyone without first giving of myself

Because then when I look back

And see again

That I may not be beautiful, skinny, or rich

It will not bother me because

My life will have meant more than those vain things

I will look back with my eyes full of tears


That I might have left my footprint on at least one of your hearts.

Xoxoxox TJ