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A Mother of My Own

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mommy’s out there, and to the Daddy’s that have been left to be Mom and Dad. You are all amazing.

My husband wrote a beautiful poem for Mother’s Day and I want to share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Happy early Mother’s Day!

A Mother of My Own

By Alton Jordan

I once met a MOTHER,

She was washing laundry and combing her daughter’s hair.

I once met a MOTHER,

She was driving her children to school, while whispering a daily prayer.

I once met a MOTHER,

She was working in the sun all day long.

I once met a MOTHER,

She was knitting a sweater, while composing a song.

I once met a MOTHER,

She was kind, dedicated, committed and built to last.

I once met a MOTHER,

She would do anything for you, all you had to do was ask.

I once met a MOTHER,

She was formed by the Potter’s hands.

Refined like gold and whose womb bore nations more numerous than sand.

I once met a MOTHER,

It was on a very special day.

She took me in her soft, gentle arms and earnestly began to pray:


“Father on this day I surrender to thee,

This precious gift you have given me.

To love and nurture, and hold so close,

I am forever thankful, lest I should boast.

Help me to be the MOTHER that this child so deserves,

Help me to be a MOTHER that will choose her words,

Carefully, so as not to offend,

This precious child to the very end.”


I now have a MOTHER,

Whose love runs so very deep.

As I nestle comfortably into her arms and fall fast asleep.

Carefully, gently, lovingly, she lays me down to rest,

I love my MOTHER; she is truly the very best.




How many of you along the way lost your belief in the wish? How many of you gave up on dreaming of something more? When you stand at a wishing well do you just halfheartedly throw your penny in and really not have a wish in mind? Do you even remember what it’s like to have a wish? For the longest time I had forgotten how to dream, I didn’t believe wishes for me could come true. I gave up.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be dreaming again. To realize that to make a wish is not in vain as long as I am willing to work at realizing that wish. Now, as you can see I don’t believe in making a wish and then waiting for some magical fairy to make it come true for me. But if we dream, if we wish, and then push ourselves to see it come to reality then I believe it most certainly will become our reality. However, only if we are willing to fight for it. We can’t sit around waiting for other people to make our wish come true, we have to become our wish and live in it as if it already were.

My challenge to you today is to dream, let’s start small. How about listing 5 wishes you want to see come true by the end of 2012. Be realistic but still reach, although don’t reach so far that it becomes unattainable. Remember that you are capable of more than you know and that once you push past that fear the world lies at your feet waiting to see where you will go.

My 5 Wishes for 2012…..

1. I wish to surprise my husband with a weekend away planned solely by me. (He would probably have a heart attach that I made a choice without consulting him. I am not the type to just make decisions.)

2. I wish to have held 20 jewelry shows.

3. I wish to have a rough draft of my first book completed. (Pray for me, this is a big step for me. Very scared)

4. I wish to have completed my Life Coaching certificate.

5. I wish to have at least 500 followers before the end of the year.

Okay, my wishes are done. Now it’s your turn! What do you wish for? I’d love for you to share with us so we can encourage you along the way. 🙂




Make Your Haters Jealous

It’s almost funny to me how all these poster quotes seem to talk to me now. I have hidden in my shell for so long I shut everything out. When I decided to start making changes in my life to better me I was scared to death how people would react. I didn’t want to upset the balance. Everyone else seemed to be happy, but me. Who did I think I was to start changing things and upsetting everybody else’s life? Who was I to think I was important enough to matter? Who was I to spend so much time on myself when so many others needed me? These are the questions I used to give myself permission not to change. These questions gave me permission to wrap my feelings, wants, desires, back up into their pretty little box and shove them back into the corner of my mind to be forgotten. I claimed it was for everyone else. HA!!

Now I look back and think to myself how freaking selfish I was. Really! How selfish is it not to give your best to the people you love, who love you. To allow them to watch you suffer silently. You may think they don’t see your pain but they do and they hurt with you. They make decisions because of it. They tip toe around conversations because of it. They cry for you.  Why? Because they love you.

When we are going through this struggle with ourselves, this war of self-pity and lack of self-worth we can’t view life as it truly is. We can’t see people for who they really are. We can’t see ourselves for who we really are. Everything is tainted by how we feel about ourselves. When we look at people, their lives, their health, their bodies, their families, ect.. our view is distorted because of the way we see ourselves. Being able to see the world in truth means we must heal first ourselves. To be able to love completely, we have to first learn to love ourselves. To be able to take care of others, we have to first learn to take care of ourselves.

Our lives are our own, our reality in life is based on our choices. We have the power to change our reality, to stop distorting the picture and to see it clearly for what it is. I was always to scared, but not anymore. We have to break free of the fear, step out in faith, and give ourselves completely to the life we deserve. Give our enemies a reason to be jealous instead of a reason to laugh, give our supporters something to brag about, but most importantly give ourselves the gift of our true self.

I’m done making excuses, lying to myself, accepting less than I’m worth. I’m done letting fear control me. What about you? Are you ready to take control back? Are you ready to finally live the life you were meant to live? I am and I would love company along the way. 🙂

Love Must Be From Heaven

Have you ever felt loves precious kiss softly whisper against your skin…
Have you ever had your senses tantalized by loves intoxicating perfume…
Have you ever known the excitement of loves continues roller coaster ride…
That sweet word, that one simple word…
When you’ve known it, when Love has personally introduced itself to you…
Leaving you speechless and breathless, you’ll know!
There will be no question…
There will be no fear, other than the fear of living without that love alone and empty…
The warmth will envelope your heart, cradling you, hovering over you, protecting you…
There will be no greater thing…no greater moment then when you first realize it…
When it hits you…”this is it”
Nothing more powerful, more mighty than this one little word..
It has the power to conquer nations and the power to destroy them…
Love is so strong, so amazing that at times you won’t be able to contain it…
You’ll want to shout, you’ll want to laugh and go crazy….
The feeling, that unexplainable feeling that you get when you know its love…
The world stands still, the birds melodies play gently on the wind…
You heart feels with such joy, such happiness that your lips have a mind of their own…
You can’t stop grinning.
Truly only something that could be sent from heaven.

I’m Back!

Three beautiful HER's

Wow! Let me just tell you I have missed you guys. Funny since I don’t know most of you. However, I was welcomed so quickly into this community of bloggers that I feel like part of a family. No I’m not a stalker. Anyway, let me catch you up.

Mostly I’ve just been real busy dealing with a bunch of sickness. First my youngest was home for over a week with God knows what, then my oldest daughter was home for a week plus sick all spring break, come to find out she had strep throat. Then there is me I was dealing with a sore throat for two weeks that then decided to turn into the full fledged flu for another week. I’m still trying to get rid of the sore throat and cough.

Let me back up a little though.

Michela...one of the beautiful HER's of Her Nation

Before my sore throat turned into the flu I had an amazing experience and I want to share it with you. I’ve talked many times about my friend who wrote the book When I Am Her. Well on March 31st we had a book launch party to help get her name out there and spread the news of Her Nation and what that is all about.

Surprisingly I wasn’t really nervous or so I thought I wasn’t until I caught myself basically eating everything and anything I could get my hands on. At least I didn’t feel nervous though. Anyway, Mish and I hosted the party and invited all our friends and family out to meet Chivon and hear about the book. We ended up with approx. 30 women who showed up and I want to say 30 women who had their lives changed forever.

Valencia...one of the beautiful HER's of Her Nation

It was such a fantastic turn out. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. Mish, Valencia, and myself told our stories of finding our HER and realizing there was more to us than just being so and so’s husband, or little Mickey’s mom. Mish shared her story of finding herself again after years of domestic violence and simply being broken. Valencia shared her story of being torn down, and belittled by someone close to her and how she is just now looking in the mirror and realizing she is pretty and she is somebody. Then there is me, I spoke about my struggles with self-worth, hating the women I looked at in the mirror, and how much I’ve grown and changed since realizing I’m worth it. I think between the three of us we hit an emotional place for every woman in that room, but just in case we didn’t. There was always Chivon the author of When I Am Her. She read from her book and spoke about different things that affect us as women such as our relationships with our fathers.

It truly was an inspirational time. Many women came up to us afterwards wanting to have that same break through and they signed up to do the exHERcise with Chivon. Many where crying as they spoke to us, touched by the stories of our lives. What truly amazed me the most though was the women that I knew personally that came up to me and said, “I would have never known you felt that way, or that you were going through that”. It truly surprised me that the self-loathing I had for myself, or the insecurities I had could not be seen by those around me. I realized in that moment just how much I am my own worst enemy.

Valencia, Mish, and Tammy (me)

The event truly was a blessed event and I’m so excited to see where my friend Chivon’s dream takes her as she continues to reach out to women and help them find the best within themselves. I am blessed to be able to see transformations taking place in women I’ve known all my life and I’m even more blessed as I see women I don’t know reach out there hand and ask for help realizing they are not alone in their journey.

If you would like to learn more about When I Am Her, or Her Nation please check out the website at http://www.thehernation.com or http://www.chivonmorris.com

Author of When I Am Her, Chivon Morris

So that is what’s been going on in my life, oh wait I also had a jewelry show and a fundraiser during this time frame that I’ve been gone. Jewelry shows are what I do for a living I come to your house with all my pretty bling and meet with your friends and family for a girl’s night out and we play in the jewelry, eat, drink, and laugh. I love my job. (So if anyone wants to do a catalog party, or lives in the Beaverton area and wants to do a jewelry show, hit me up) hahaha…yeah I had to get my plug in.


I have to admit, although I still have my up’s and down’s like we all do I am the most content and happy I have ever been in years and it feels damn good.

Spend Time With The Nice People

One thing that is often forgotten in our day-to-day lives is that we have the power to eliminate, negativity, and stress from our lives. We choose who we take along with us on our journey and who doesn’t. Okay, yes granted it is not as easy as removing someone from your friends list on Facebook, there is no delete button or block button (wouldn’t that be nice). However, we can make a choice and stand strong in that choice. Life is over in a blink of an eye and at the end of it, do you want to look back and see the energy sucking vampires you’ve allowed on your journey, or the loving, driven, like-minded people who help to bring out the best in each other. It’s your choice. Kick the energy vampires off your bus today!

I read this quote recently and loved it.

“Spend time with nice people who are smart, driven and like-minded. Relationships should help you, not hurt you. Surround yourself with people who reflect the person you want to be. Choose friends who you are proud to know, people you admire, who love and respect you – people who make your day a little brighter simply by being in it. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. When you free yourself from negative people, you free yourself to be YOU – and being YOU is the only way to truly live.”  Author Unknown

And like the song goes…FREE YOURSELF and the rest will follow!

I May Not Be Beautiful

I may not be beautiful

I may not be skinny

I may not be rich

I may not be many things

To many people

But who I am I love

And what I have to offer I give freely

And those I love

I love openly and without judgment

And those that are my enemies

I love with a heart that believes in change

And although I may not turn heads everywhere I go

Those that do pay me mind

I pray receive from me acceptance, love, encouragement,

And honest friendship

I pray that I do not take from anyone without first giving of myself

Because then when I look back

And see again

That I may not be beautiful, skinny, or rich

It will not bother me because

My life will have meant more than those vain things

I will look back with my eyes full of tears


That I might have left my footprint on at least one of your hearts.

Xoxoxox TJ