Inner Thin Girl Wk 3 – Go baby Go!

This is week 3 of my journey to my inner thin girl and week 2 of my fast and so far so good. I must say that there is definitely a higher power at work for me right now because I have not dealt with any crazy cravings or too extremely serious of headaches. I am however getting a little sick of veggies lol but I will learn to deal with that as time goes on.

So as for my goals, I’m making it to bed at an earlier time so not eating late night snacks isn’t as hard, but I did miss the goal a couple of nights but I made the snack a fruit or veggie so I’m happy with it. I worked out 4 of the 5 days, getting closer to the goal. And I’ve been drinking so much freaking water I feel like I’m going to bust so that goal was hit. Woohoo!

Okay but really, am I going to be waking up three sometimes four times a night for the rest of my life if I keep drinking the needed amount of water. OMG I like my sleep!!! I’m waking up with such an urgency you’d think I was drinking a gallon of water before I lay down. UGH!

Anyway, other than the potty issue I think everything is going good, my mind is in the right place, my body is still working with me and I’m feeling happier. I am choosing to take the approach that if I mess up, oh well. I’m not beating myself up for being human. As long as the numbers keep going down I’m a happy camper and by the way they are, I lost another 2 lbs this week, making my weight loss to date 10.8 lbs. I’m not gonna complain! Three weeks and almost 11 lbs lost puts a smile on my face and puts my butt back into my black jeans! Oh yeah baby!!! Hehehe.

Okay enough of me! Tell me your story I’m dying to hear it. Leave me a comment about your week in whatever transformation you are going through. And remember, we may miss the mark every time but as long as we keep trying we will never fail.

Until next week…drink your water, sweat your butt off, and have an apple

Xoxoxo TJ

Oh and just a little something to make you smile I saw this and it made me laugh…

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