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Re-write your Ending Story

Up and down, round and round, twist and turn, that is the way life goes. Slow glide down, long pull up, extremely fast fall down, hold on your coming around the bend. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Hands in the air, hands on the rail holding for dear life. The roller coaster of life. Always changing, always moving.

Never waiting for you to catch up or catch your breath, just go, go, go!

Once the ride is over, there is no do overs, there is no second chance, you can’t pay the price to ride again. It’s over. All you can do is let go. Are you ready to let go if the ride ends today?

When you look back over your life can you say, I’ve done it! Can you say, you leave behind your legacy or will it be your mess? What are you doing today that when you turn back you can say, I lived my best life, I loved completely, I played hard, I worked hard, I made a difference?

Or will you look back and say…I coasted through life, I was too afraid to live, I had to many excuses, I didn’t want to believe, I was lazy, I didn’t want to work hard, I didn’t want to feel pain, and what I leave behind is nothing.

If I had died a couple of years ago, I would have felt like I wasted my life, like I left my family with nothing but a mess to clean up. I would have died ashamed of a wasted life. But thank God I woke up to my self-pitying ways, I opened my eyes to my excuses, I stopped believing the lies I was feeding myself and I finally started to live.

When I die I don’t want people to think oh what a shame, she had such potential. I want people to remember me and smile, to feel joy at the memories we made, to not feel sorrow but to rejoice in the life I lived because I lived it completely. To tell stories about my escapades and laugh and cry over them. I believe finally I’m on the right path to making this happen.

The funny thing about life is, that as long as you have breath, as long as your eyes open in the morning and you can get out of bed. There is always time to make a change. To start over. To rewrite the ending of your story. I’m rewriting mine right now, I’m 37, with 4 kids, and a husband of 13 years. I went back to school and received my first degree, I did my first speech in front of a ton of women (anyone who knows me knows I hate being in front of people), I did my first solo at church (that was a big one), I started speaking my mind instead of bottling it all up, I wrote my her story and it was published in the book When I Am Her, I participated in a video shoot, and I started this blog. I am starting to live again! 🙂 These may be small things to some people but they are huge gigantic enormous steps for me.

I made a commitment to myself to make a change, to stop hiding in life, to step out of my comfort zone and allow myself to grow and by golly I’m doing it. I must admit, it feels pretty damn good too!!!!

So my challenge to you comes from the mouth of Jillian Micheal’s, “Going into next week I challenge YOU to push the envelope. Break a rule. Rebel. Be daring. Color outside the lines. Go against the grain. In any area of your life that you know deep down truly needs it – where the survival of your happiness depends upon it.”

Stop making excuses and start living before it’s to late!

xoxoxo TJ