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When I Am Her!

A while ago I was asked about my HER. You know, the woman buried deep inside you, the one who hopes and dreams, but we never allow to get past the surface. The woman inside of us that yells at us to take a chance, to believe in ourselves. When I was asked about HER I didn’t really know she existed. OH BABY!!! but since that day my Her has been screaming to get out and be noticed. This video is one of the steps in becoming my HER. Anyone who knows me knows I avoid cameras and videos and I definitely don’t dance lol. And yet, there I am with the ladies, reminding the world that I am WOMAN! This would not have been me in that video a few months ago. I never gave credit to that woman inside of me that wanted more and believed she could not only have it, but deserved it. However, after doing the exHERcise in the book When I Am Her by Chivon Morris I was able to put a name to HER, a face, a life, and when it hit me that I was Her I was able to envision my life the way I always dreamed it but never accepted. It has been a life altering experience for me. If you want to know more about the book, or the author check it out at http://www.chivonmorris.com/

P.S. If you want to follow my journey to becoming my HER keep checking out my blog, it is all about me stepping outside my comfort zone and finding my worth. I do have a special page dedicated to just my HER stories though if you check out the tabs at the top of my page as well as a page dedicated to my quest for health and finding the thin girl inside of me. Check it out and as always I love to hear from you, so leave me a comment, tell me your journey whatever it may be. And above all else…remember YOU ARE WORTHY!


I Am Only ME!!!

I am only ME!

Am I still not who I have always been?
Does a mistake in my past change who I am within?
Does it define my character?
Does it mold who I have become?
Does it Brand me for life?
Will others always judge me?
If I am a product of one bad choice,
If I’ve no hope to be anyone else,
Then why am I here?
Why do I wake up each morning?
Why do I try to better myself?
Why do I even care?
My own personal struggles,
My own daily trials,
My own bad choices,
They DO NOT define me,
They DO NOT make up the essence of my being,
They build my character,
They teach me lessons,
They strengthen me,
They help me find my way, however,
They DO NOT define me.
I am today who I have always been!
Take me as I am, I have no more to offer you but ME!
In case you don’t think you know me let me introduce myself,
I’m Tammy ~ a woman who has made her fair share of mistakes,
But that has been strengthened by each one.
A woman who loves with all her heart,
Who will poor herself into the right person.
A woman who knows what she wants, knows where she is going and
Knows who she wants in her life.
A woman who wants to try new things, take chances and
Move into the future with a new sense of life.
A woman who CANNOT be with someone without loving them.
A woman who cries at sappy commercials or just because the
Person next to me is crying.
I am a woman of determination,
A woman of passion,
A woman who feels deeply and loves completely.
I’m a woman who wants nothing more then to be loved for who I am.
I am a woman who needs very little to be happy.
One who DOES NOT need a big house, fancy cars, or fine jewelry but
One who needs God, the love of a good man, a roof over my head,
Food in my fridge, and a car to get me from point A to point B.
Anything more then that is a blessing but it is NOT needed to make me happy.
You see I’m a simple girl, one whose heart you can make flutter
With the simplest of gestures but whose heart breaks just as easy.
I’m a woman who would be more happy curled in front of a fire
With someone special then being taken on an exotic vacation.
I am ME, just as I am, I will always be.
Love me for ME!
Accept me for ME!
Take me for ME!
Like me for ME!
Want me for ME!
Because if you’re looking for someone else other then me I will most definitely
Disappoint you!