Inner Thin Girl wk 4 – Struggling

Week 4

So week four was probably my hardest challenge so far, of course I’m sure being on my second week of my fast isn’t helping because I am limiting myself by so much. I have had some really bad headaches that make me just want to curl up and cry. One day it was so bad that the pain in my head made my teeth ache also.

I haven’t been getting enough sleep this week, only made two of my workouts, and because of V-day I definitely messed up on my eating. My body is rejecting pretty much anything that isn’t healthy and I immediately feel sick. Valentines was the worse, went to a late movie and an even later dinner with my hubby and ended up spending part of the night throwing up all the crap we ate. UGH!!! Lesson learned!

Although I didn’t do great with this week, I did get my water intake in and still lost 2 lbs, so I’ll take it with a smile and move onto the next week.

I’m praying for no headaches this week because that makes it incredibly hard to stay focused or want to do anything.

All in all not a great week! But I celebrate the 2 lb loss.


2 thoughts on “Inner Thin Girl wk 4 – Struggling

  1. Good for you on the 2 lb. loss. It is a healthy loss too. You don’t want to lose it too fast. I am sorry to hear of those horrible headaches, hope they are gone! 🙂

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