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It is Everything


Tonight I sit here thinking about love. It’s a thought that has been on my mind a lot lately, a thought more confusing, more consuming, and more delicate then any other.

I’ve encountered many people over the years and each would describe love in a very different way, however somehow they all end up at the same conclusion.

Love is everything and nothing at the same time.
Love is life and death.
Love is happiness and sadness.

Author: Bagande

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Love is every breath we take, yet it suffocates us.
Love is enduring, persevering, and forgiving.

See you can’t sum up what love is because…IT IS EVERYTHING!

Love encompasses life, every inch, every corner, the good, the bad, every aspect, every
Dream, every need, and every desire.

You can’t wrap this word into one explanation because there is so much power in just this one simple yet complex feeling.

What’s sad is, this powerful word/feeling, is neglected and slowly its power fades leaving only remnants of what once was.

Crippling your every thought,
Robbing you of your trust,
Depleting your energy,
Dragging you down until there is nothing left to give.
Making you unrecognizable to love, leaving you lost!

We must learn to nurture love as if it’s our newborn child, cherish it, treat it with respect, understanding, acceptance, unconditional love. Encourage it to grow, to blossom in front of your eyes.

Love is so delicate and so powerful at the same time.
Love can conquer the world or destroy the soul.

Love is a blessing and a curse!

And if not cared for properly, if not handled with care and tenderness, if not held close it will disappear, it will find another place to rest its head, somewhere where it can be nourished, where its roots can take root in healthy soil and it can grow to light the world with its beauty and grace.

So, what I’ve come to realize is that LOVE is there waiting for us to nourish it and it’s up to us to realize that love and not be afraid to embrace it, to grab hold and never NEVER let go. Because without love, What do we truly have???


Written by Tammy Jordan