Does the Ocean Speak To You?

Does the Ocean Speak To You?

I saw this poster this morning and I thought hmmm how appropriate for me. My number one favorite place to be is the Ocean. Something about the sounds of water rushing towards me, the pound of the waves on the rocks, the smell in the air, I’m not sure but the pure power of it all and vulnerability at the same time just speaks to me.

Does the Ocean speak to you?

Sometimes If I just sit and listen my own thoughts become more clear, my vision, I can see it so much better. I get this overwhelming sense of peace that blankets me and my spirit is at rest. I just don’t know any other way to explain it.

Anyway, so today when I ran across this little picture, it reminded me again why I love the Ocean, because it is always speaking to me.

Great advice it gives too:

Be shore of yourself (Walk in confidence of who you are, know that you have a purpose even if you don’t know what it is yet, walk as if you do.)

Come out of your shell. ( Step outside your comfort zone, don’t miss out on life due to fear or self consciousness, shed that shell and dance freely into life)

Take time to coast. (Slow down, see the world around you for it’s beauty, just sit and listen)

Avoid pier pressure (This is your life, you are the one that has to live it, do not let anyone decide your future for you. Look them square in the eye and let them know “if you want to be fool you are going to do it alone.” Take control of your life.)

Sea life’s beauty (We see so much violence and hate all around us, its plastered all over the news, the tv shows, video games. Stop for one minute and find the beauty. See the good in others, and be the person to spread that beauty.)

Don’t get tide down. (Break lose your shackles, cut the ties, life has to much for you to be stuck. You only get one shot at this, do it right.)

Make Waves! (Boldly step into your purpose, stand out, if you have to tip the scales tip them, if you have to crash into the rocks like a tidal wave, baby BOOM crash!

Listen to the Ocean it’s speaking not just to me, it has great advice for you too 🙂

Have an amazing Saturday! Dare to be different, and let your light shine for all to see.

xoxoxo TJ


2 thoughts on “Does the Ocean Speak To You?

  1. I totally understand how you feel about the ocean. Every once in a while I need to get back to the sea…a good walk along the beach to the sounds of the surf is so theraputic…thanks for the reminder.

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