I Realize That I Am An Insignificant Blurb

I realize that I am an insignificant blurb on your radar in life. However, I am a significant blurb on someone else’s and most importantly I know I am significant!

I realize you do not see my beauty and that’s okay, because someone else see’s not only my beauty but my significance. Again most importantly I see my beauty!

I realize you don’t think I’m important enough to spend time talking with or hanging out with, but the wonderful thing is there is someone else who does. And like I said before, most importantly I love spending time with me and no one can love me better than me!

I realize that you judge my every decision and move, that you look down your nose at me because I don’t dress like you, drive the same car, have the same job, or wear a size 2. That’s OK! Why? Because there is someone who see’s me for me without judgement and loves me unconditionally. Most importantly I do not judge myself, I own my mistakes and I learn from them.

I realize what you think of me DOES NOT change who I am and if you don’t like what you see I am okay with you turning and walking away from me.

See what I realize is, what I think and feel about myself is far more important then what you think of me. Someone who hasn’t even taken the time to know me.

So be on your way, get out the door I don’t need that negativity in my life. I send you along with my best wishes and prayers that you will have a fulfilled life and get just what you give.

That’s right bye bye…I hold No resentment! No anger! No judgement! Just go!


P.S. To those of you reading this…this is not written to anyone specific but if it applies to you and you can’t see my worth well then…get to steppin!!! (I say this with love)


9 thoughts on “I Realize That I Am An Insignificant Blurb

    • 🙂 Thank you for reblogging my post I think that makes my heart do a happy dance everytime I see someone share something I have written. 🙂 Here is to NOT being insignificant!!!

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