Something to Ponder

It’s funny the way we have trained ourselves to think. Today a friend of mine made the statement, “I just want to give it to someone without profit let someone have them…ya know what I mean it’s Christmas” I knew what she was talking about but still the words, “ya know what I mean it’s Christmas” kept repeating in my head. You know like when a song gets stuck in your head and you keep singing it and singing it even when you don’t realize it. That’s what this was like I just kept repeating it in my head.

Here is what came of my constant thought on the matter. Why is it that at Christmas time everyone all the sudden wants to do their part and help? What makes Christmas any different than any other day? Are people not in need January thru November? Are people not hungry? Are people not homeless?  Why is it all the sudden the humanitarian in us wants to pop out because it’s Christmas?

So what I’m looking for today is your answer to these questions that riddle my mind…

What makes December the month we celebrate Christmas any different than any other month or day? Is it because it’s Christmas a holiday many won’t even recognize as a celebration of Jesus’ birth? Is it because the “nice” switch in our brain has magically been flipped and we have to be kind to others in December? What is it? What causes the food banks to over flow with donations of food in December and then struggle to feed people the rest of the year? What causes the Grinch mentality of “his heart grew 3 sizes that day” or however that goes?

I’m just a little baffled by this. Any help would be appreciated.

What I see is a huge out pouring of servitude, love, gratitude, and hope during the holidays. What I don’t understand is why that same high doesn’t carry us all year round.

Just a little something to ponder.

I pray you all have an amazing holiday season and that going into 2013 your new year’s resolution won’t be to lose weight, or become rich, but that it will be to put a smile on someone’s face every day, to keep that holiday spirit of service and giving all year round, and to find joy in the little things. God bless!


4 thoughts on “Something to Ponder

  1. Great question! In my opinion it is really good marketing. We have been conditioned for so many decades to volunteer on holidays that we don’t think about why it’s only once or twice a year.

    When I hear about soup kitchens sending people away on Thanksgiving because they have too many volunteers it bugs me. Why don’t people volunteer on a regular basis? Sure people are busy most of the year and some people only have holidays off, but all that means that most people believe helping others is NOT important.

    I have been volunteering since college and I love it. Depending on my time and the organization I have either volunteered weekly, monthly or on special projects. I make it happen because helping others is important to me. I was raised to help others, and if I am ever blessed with kids I will raise them the same way.

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