Great reminder….remember it’s not always about you!

Doctor Quack

Allow me to take you back to the days of me being an asshole.  In other words: high school.

Specifically, let me speak of my turning point.  It was after graduation, and I was spending the summer in France with two friends of mine.  We were hiking in the Pyrenees when I had become aware that my friend had lacked the foresight to bring his own water.  He was thirsty and wanted some.

Now, I was a young man of strong values.  Somewhere in my eighteen years, I had picked up the ridiculous notion that life was the sum of actions and consequences, that self-reliance was the ideal personality trait, that individuals had to learn from their irresponsible mistakes lest they never improve themselves, and of course that people should enjoy the fruits of their hard labor.  They, who don’t work, don’t receive.

…and I had worked to bring that…

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