I Trust You

I can’t begin to tell you how much this song is ministering to me right now.

I want to cry out “WHERE ARE YOU LORD??? I feel like I’m drowning. I can’t take another day”.

Then I hear Him whisper “trust me”.

“But LORD,” I say “I can’t pay my bills, rent is coming due again and I don’t have it. My kids are about to start school and I have nothing for them. No school clothes, no school supplies, Lord I’m weary.”

and again He says, “Trust me”

As tears stream down my face, “Lord my car broke down today. It seized up. I couldn’t put on my brakes. The intersection was right there, cars driving by. My car began to shake and whine, my steering froze up. Father I was so scared. I pressed down my brakes and nothing.” Shaking, I cry out again, “I trust you LORD”

This has been my life, the car part happened today. And when my car came to a stop just before the intersection all I could think was “Thank you LORD”. A few more inches who knows what could have happened.

A dear friend of mine said to me today that she looks at the storms as training. He is preparing us for what is to come. Another friend told me that as we are waiting for the answer to remember that God is not just preparing us, but he is preparing those around us that may need to be in place to help, assist, encourage, whatever it may be. He is working on their hearts, preparing them to be their for you.

Ever since my husband and I decided to start this non-profit one thing after another has tried to derail us. The devil has been hard at work trying to take our eyes off God. I’m here today to tell you that he can keep trying with all his might but my GOD will defeat him every time. There is no weapon that can be formed against me that will conquer because my GOD IS ABLE.

So YES I TRUST YOU LORD through every trial, through every tribulation, through every thing imaginable I TRUST YOU LORD.

I will not crumble because my foundation is solid. And like the song we sing in church says, “God has given me the authority Satan to walk all over you!!!”

So whatever your trial, trust HIM.


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