Living In Your Purpose!!!!

Good Morning Friends! I just finished watching T.D. Jakes Living In Your Purpose this morning and once again I find myself receiving confirmation that I am finally living the life God intended. There are many people who think my husband and I are crazy, that we don’t realize what we are doing, and that we are going to crash and burn. We can see it in their face expressions when we talk to them, their body language laughs at us, and the words they speak to others prove it. What I realized today though is that they will never get it. They will never understand what it is for us to walk in our purpose. To stand firmly on the Word of God and to move forward in faith even when the circumstances don’t make sense.

Let me just tell you, when you know something is of God you don’t ignore it!! We are purposed to serve, to step behind ourselves and put others before us. We are purposed to spread God’s love and in doing this we are spreading the Word of God. We are purposed to reach beyond our own lives and serve the needs of others.

T.D. Jakes preached today about when he first began the rise to fame and all the haters that came out of the woodwork. He talked about how all the negativity began to kill his desire to get up and do what he knew he was supposed to be doing. The naysayers, the haters, were drowning him. Until one day after one of his services a young woman requested to talk to him. He made her wait and wait and wait to see him, he didn’t really want to speak with her. Finally he went to her and she began to tell her story to him.

The young woman had been in the hospital, she was pregnant with twins that were dying inside her and making her very sick. She laid in the hospital day after day getting sicker and sicker, but she said what kept her pushing, what kept her alive was his sermons. Every time she wanted to let go, his sermons gave her strength to press forward. She told him, “Bishop it’s for us, not for them”. This woman had waited, frail and sick, for who knows how long to meet T.D. Jakes, just to tell him, “Bishop it’s for us, not for them”.

When he was preaching about this all I could see was the powerful way God works. The young woman who that day was not there for her, she wasn’t standing in front of this famous preacher because she wanted to meet him or because she wanted something from him. She stood in her frailty to remind this man WHY, why he woke up every morning and walked in his purpose. Why he stood in front of thousands, millions to preach the gospel while haters where out there tearing him down. She stood in front of him that day to remind him that it wasn’t about the haters, it wasn’t even about him, it was about all those like her, that were fighting for a reason to believe, to have faith.

That was so powerful to me. I am not here to serve the selfish needs of the haters. I am not here to change people’s minds, to force them into my way of life, into what I believe. I am not here for me. I am here to spread the love of God, to share with the hurting, to hold them, to remind them that HE IS ALIVE.

I look at where I am in life right this minute and I’ll tell you it’s scary, yet at the same time I have the most peace in my life than I have ever had because I know God’s will for my life. My husband has a good job, we have a family of six, we have full medical benefits, we have security and yet at this point in our lives we are ready to step out on faith. We are ready to let go of the security of a paycheck, of benefits, and trust completely that God has our back. Our purpose has become so much a part of who we are we can’t fathom not walking in it.

We are praying for things in our lives that most people would run from and most people would think we are crazy for. But I am here today to tell you that God is good and when you walk in His purpose for your life you can’t go wrong.

Do you know what your purpose is?


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