Become the First Me, Rather than the next Anyone Else! Jason Mayden (Nike)

We can allow circumstances in our life to tear us down, or build us up. In that moment when you have a choice to go left or right, it is up to you to rise above life’s circumstances and become the first “you”. Find your purpose, find your strength and build on it.

This is what I get from watching this clip. This amazing man of God has a story that will break you into tears, but his faith and his desire to live has brought him to where he is today. I remember hearing him speak for the first time and just simply being in awe of his story. He stood in front of our church and laid himself bare. It was powerful and I will carry it with me always.

We have to embrace life, not fear it! We have to like Jason said in the video “embrace the power of being you”. That is the end of his speech and only part of a sentence but it is the part that stood out to me. What does it mean to you to “embrace the power of being you”? I think I will roll that one around in my head a little longer, it might just be my next blog post. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. Happy Sunday!


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