Here we go again….

Yupe that’s right, here we go again….I’m off and running and ready to kick some booty to get this non-profit off the ground and running so we can be a blessing to these young boys and girls. It’s going to be another long weekend (thur, fri, and sat) of rummage sales trying to raise money. We added a little extra fun though on Friday and I’m looking forward to it. My 9 yr old is going to run her Lemonade Stand and we will have pony rides. I’m so excited.

Things are off to a great start we already have two of our board members, we have raised half of what we need for our 501c3 and we have a 10×20 storage unit over flowing with donations for this weekend. Life is amazing!

My husband and I are so excited to get this started and really start making a difference in these kids lives. I’ll let you know how the weekend goes 🙂 Have a happy 4th of July and stay safe!



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