Wanting to Grow Closer…

I find myself wanting more and more to grow closer to God. To understand not just the scripture but what is not written. I have been in a serious time of transition the last couple months. The path I thought I was supposed to be on completely took another route and sadly it didn’t end well. But that is not why I am writing today. I am writing today because during this time where I have felt broken and hurt God has shown me bits and pieces of my life. He has brought the picture into focus for me and encouraged me that the path I am now on is in this season exactly where he wants me. He showed me that my life was out of focus because it wasn’t in balance. I was giving all of myself in one area and neglecting others.

In all of this, I have grown closer to God and my desire to know Him more comes from a place within myself I didn’t know existed. You see I’ve always had a relationship with God, but this desire is something deeper. I haven’t put my finger on a way to explain it just yet, but it feels like emptiness inside me that only He can fill. Have you ever been so thirsty that you just can’t stop drinking, you pick up one glass and guzzle it and then another and another until you fill so full you are about to burst? That is where I am in my walk with God. I want more and more until I am over flowing with Him.

I’m tired of simply trying to live His word, I want to eat breath and sleep His word. I want it to fill every pore, every muscle, and every piece of fiber. I want it to pour through me like liquid and to seep from my skin so that His glory shines through me.

Life has never been as good as it is right now and it is because my eyes are on God. I am not fearful of the days ahead of me because I know the path I walk today is the one he laid before me. I do not worry about what people think of me because He is all that matters. I am only filled with excitement for what He has in store for me and my family. I am thankful for everything that has been happening in my life the good and the bad, because it has all brought me to this point, brought me closer to God, closer to my kids and closer to my husband. It has all taught me to hold my family closer than any other because in the end they are the ones who will always be there. Most importantly it has taught me that the more I seek God in my life and remove the focus from me to Him, the clearer my path will become and the more whole I will become.


3 thoughts on “Wanting to Grow Closer…

  1. I feel you my sister! Though i have been writing poetry since 1971, it was only shared with family members and a few select friends. I was too busy chasing the dollar! I have always been close to God, in a very deep way as i always wrote from Him everyday. I received much success, because i shared all that i learned from Him in my business practices, and i always strived to make everyone better in their lives, every conversation i share my passion, every healing, i gave gave the glory to God, every person i would try to help shape their minds with how easy life becomes when you yourself becomes one with God’s grace and love and you become a bright light and beacon to many. But God had another plan for my life, as he turned me back to what comes from myheart and told me it was time to share it all in 2009, and i am bascially and always have been a shy person until it comes to sharing the word! So i thought i would be in the business of still making money and helping people that way, but God said share and i do it now and i have never been happier. We must listen as we have two ears and not speak as much as we have only one mouth. And what i heard and what i did, and my complete faith in him has given me a larger family around the world. We go through much that in the end makes us better and shapes us into worthy tools to his glory! He is moving your life the way He wants it to be and believe me that the blessings of helping and sharing is a treasure i will never give up! You are beginning to emulate the best traits of your Lord! You will be a bright light to many who will see your smile and know that there is much more within. All spirits recognize the goodness of God! And you will share it! Be strong, and you will see great results and changes in your life! May you always be blessed. Thanks for sharing!

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