And we are off and Running!

Good Evening everyone…I pray this quick post finds everyone doing well 🙂 I miss writing and interacting with all of you but life has been so busy I’m just not getting time to do it. We are as I mentioned before in the process of opening a non-profit. This Thur, Fri, and Sat we are holding a major Rummage Sale to help raise the funds for the start-up costs. I am crazy excited about all the support we have been receiving and that is continuing to pour in. Every day God reveals to me more and more that I am on the right path and finally working within His will and it feels amazing.

So just a real quick run down of what is happening. My husband and I are starting a Non-profit thrift store that’s proceeds will be used to help support the nearly 21,000 homeless and disadvantaged youth in the state of Oregon. We do not have a brick and mortar building at this time so we will be holding rummage sales in our church parking lot until we are able to move into a building. We are praying that we won’t be waiting long for that building. Please keep us in your prayers our goal is to raise $25,000 within the next 3 or 4 months. This will help with start-up costs, filing for our 501c3, as well as providing assistance to the youth in the Beaverton school district at the start of the school year.

Just a few statistics for you….

Approx. 1 our of every 10 students in the Beaverton School District alone lives below the federal poverty line (, 2010)

Approx. 1800 of these students are considered homeless (BSD, 2011)


More than 37% of the district’s students receive free or reduced lunches (, 2010)

Those are just a few of the statistics I will post more as I tell you about what is happening here with our Non-profit. If anyone is interested in making a donation you can email me at All I am asking for though is prayers. God bless and thank you for all your love and support.


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