Moving Forward

I love this messed up crazy thing called life. You just never know what you will find around each corner you turn. You walk blindly, only aware of what you believe to be in front of you and then all of a sudden you blink and BAM something changes. You always have to be ready to change directions, to flow with the current instead of against it. Just a few months ago if you had asked me where I expected to see myself five years from now I could have drawn you a complete picture. I would have been able to say exactly where I was working, who I would be with, what I’d be doing, heck I could have even told you where I would eat most often and what I’d eat. But in my road map in life God had other plans for me.

It’s funny really, because you know that feeling you get when somethings going to happen but you just don’t know what. You wonder to yourself is this going to be good or bad? Well I had that feeling, I was unsettled and not completely in my element just yet. God was using me, but not in the way He wanted. I still wasn’t giving all of me to the life He gifted me with. I was just starting to see glimpses of myself as God see’s me, but I was still looking through the wrong set of eyes.

Wow! I am just so amazed at how he works. I can clearly see each moment over the past several years that He directed my path just like I prayed and ask Him to do. I can see where He moved me out of my own way. I can see where he threw my life a curve ball to get my attention. I can see the people He placed around me. I can see where seasons began and where seasons ended. I have to say it is really weird to look back on a portion of your life and see the Masters hand so clearly.

He directed my every step and when I tried to move out of line with His will for my life He gently corrected me. Well it may not have seemed gently at the time but that’s because I’m an emotional creature. So what I’m trying to say is, when we stop fighting against His plan in our lives, everything begins to fall into place. We have to LET GO, and LET GOD! Sometimes the plan we have for ourselves is not His. We forget to consult Him as we get more and more excited about where we are going. We forget that nothing is possible without Him and everything is possible with Him. So we blindly go about wasting tons of energy planning our life without consulting God. We move forward on emotion instead of on prayer and then BAM He changes the mapped out directions on our road map. He puts signs up that say turn left where we thought we were supposed to go right. He sticks stop signs up where we thought we would be able to just coast right through. He places do not enter signs in places we had always been allowed before. He redirects our path, he gently repositions us and says, “Now let’s try this again”.

Okay, so I said all that to say, 🙂 for once I know that my road map is on track with God’s will. I am so excited because I know my purpose. I know for this season what God wants from me and it feels so good to be moving in God’s will for my life instead of fighting to do my own selfish things.

My husband and I are in the process of applying for our 501c3 for a non-profit that will be enriching the lives of homeless students and disadvantaged kids across Oregon. Well that is the long-term goal, we will start here in Beaverton first. Did you know that the Beaverton school district alone has 1800 homeless students attending classes. That just breaks my heart. That is why  I am so excited about where God is taking us. My husband and I have both always had the heart to serve others, but never could figure out where God wanted us. We finally figured it out, he laid it so heavily on both of our hearts almost simultaneously and has opened doors to us we never expected to be open. I can’t begin to tell you how happy and excited I am.

Pray for us as we move forward in God’s will for our life. We are just getting ready to start the fundraising efforts to cover start-up costs and to apply for our 501c3 status. I promise to keep you updated and let you know a little more about  what we are doing here pretty soon.



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