There Is Still Good in This World

Ladies and gentleman if you have felt that the world is quickly going downhill fast, well you could be right so that might have been a bad way to start this article. Hmmm let me try this again. Friends I want you to know there truly is still good in this world. I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes, I’ve spoken to it, touched it, even thanked it. It is an amazing thing this good. Just when a person feels like life is nothing but rotten blows, and negative people, the world decides to prove that person wrong.

The world proved me wrong two days ago when my son came home from school with no clue as to where his IPod or cell phone was. He would from time to time mumble, “I hope I didn’t lose them at school”. I had no clue what he was talking about and then I asked, “Lose what son?” I wish I hadn’t asked.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! His cell phone and his IPod Touch ummm $$$$ grrrrrr I wanted to scream, “do you think we are made of money?” I did however manage to contain myself and simply say, “I hope you didn’t lose them either.”

Fast forward into the evening, we had finally come to terms with the fact he had indeed lost these items at school. Now let me just say, we are a one income family of 6, No I cannot afford to replace these items and No I am not going to replace these items. Suffice it to say my son was not a happy young man. No phone, no IPod now what?

Let me tell you what!!! A dog gone bona fide angel is what! A miracle! A blessing beyond blessings! I’m sitting at my computer like I am almost all the time and my kids are across the room playing around when my cell phone rings. I look at my phone and I wonder to myself why is my son calling me he is just across the room. You see I forgot he lost his phone just that quick. So I holler across the room, “Darius, um why are you calling me?” You should have seen the blank ‘what the heck are you talking about’ look my son gave me.

So I answer the phone. YES I’m still baffled. “Hello” I tentatively say. “Hi ummm I have, well ummm I found this phone and I’m trying the emergency contacts to find the owner.” BLESSED BE!!! This angel picked up my sons phone and took the time out of his day to try to find the owner. “Oh my gosh this is my son’s phone thank you so much for calling.” I’m so over joyed at this moment that God is so good. And then he hits me with the blessing of all blessings. “Well did he by chance have an IPod with it?” I almost screamed in that poor man’s ear,“YESSSSS, yes he did”. “Well, I was just finishing up practice and found both of them behind the middle school.” Haaaaallllllleeeaaaajjjjuuuuaaaa!!!!

So you can imagine the rest, my husband and I go to meet the young man (yes I took my husband I’m not crazy enough to meet a guy all by myself, he could be a murderer.) And the rest is history. My son has his phone, his IPod, and prayerfully a deeper faith in not only people but God. I myself have a newfound faith in the fact that there is still good in this world. One man, one single solitary act of kindness filled my heart with hope for the human race once again. Yes I am being dramatic I have a tendency to do that, but the truth is we see so much negative all over the news, we hear so much negative from the people around us, that we need that reminder from time to time so we don’t get buried in the negatives.

What I realized in all this though is that one-act of good can erase hundreds of acts of bad in just a few quick seconds. I clung to that one good deed; I let the feeling of joy sweep through me. I fixated on it allowed it to fill my cup back up. Now I’m just wondering how I can repay that one good act with one of my own.


4 thoughts on “There Is Still Good in This World

  1. Isn’t is so incredibly wonderful when we get gob-smacked by an unexpected act of mercy? We can sometimes forget that these terrifically exquisite good things can happen at any moment, and then, there they are, falling right into our lap! Glad to hear it worked out, and especially happy to hear the happy in your voice.

  2. What a beautiful story!! There are amazing people. Good for you. I am so happy for you all that they both were returned. “An Act of Kindness” for sure. 🙂

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