Release Me!

Release Me!

Can you feel it? The pain I feel.

Can you see it? The hurt you cause.

Do you understand it? The confusion that consumes me.

My heart aches to be filled, my heart cries out, bleeding!

See me!!! See me!!! For who I am, not who you want me to be.

Make it okay to be me!

Make it okay to let loose what has been stifled for so long.

Do not judge me!

Do not hold me prisoner in my own body!

Do not tell me it’s wrong to be me.

Accept me for who I am!

See me and all the potential within me.

Give me permission to soar!

Do not guilt me into your ways.

Do not make it wrong to be me.

Release me!

Remove the shackles!

Release me!

Release me!


T. Jordan

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