“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and to discover that the prisoner was you” Lewis Smead.

I can testify to this quote! Until I learned to forgive myself for my past mistakes, until I realized that my past did not define me it only helped to shape me I was like an inmate in lock down. We all have a past, and we all have things we regret. If you don’t have anything you regret yet, keep living! Life is about the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows. We can’t avoid them. All we can do is choose to accept responsibility for the things we may have done and then forgive ourselves, learn from it and move on.

I know, easier said than done right?

Why we choose every day to be our own worst enemies baffles me. Nobody can tear us apart the way we do. Nobody can point out our flaws the way we do. Nobody can hate ourselves than we do. It’s a simple truth. However, it’s a truth that doesn’t have to exist in your life. If you choose to forgive yourself and you learn to love yourself.

We have to ALWAYS remember that without struggle, without pressure, without the ups and downs that life promises we would have no testimony. How we handle the struggle is what will speak volumes into who we are. Can you get up off the ground after being knocked down 10 times? Can you wipe yourself off and move forward? Can you go through each day not holding onto the bitterness, the anger, the depression? Can you release yourself from the prison of negative thoughts, self-hatred, self-doubt?  


I have always been told I can do anything my heart desires. Mind you I didn’t believe that when it was told to me. However, look at me now I have finally forgave myself. I’m starting to love myself, and I am stepping out into the world boldly so that I can become ALL that God has designed me to become. It is possible to let go of the past and begin to recognize it only as a tool that helped mold and shape you into the beautiful, strong, passionate, driven person that you have become today.

We all have it in us; we weren’t created to succumb to life’s ups and downs. We were created for a purpose! We were specifically designed by greatness, not just to be mediocre but to be great. We were purposely molded into a masterpiece by the Master. Be bold! Walk in your purpose!

It all starts with forgiveness! First you must forgive yourself, then you must forgive everybody else and this includes God. It isn’t an easy journey to take, there will be tears, there will be more anger, but once you have gone through the many different emotions you will face, once you have accepted responsibility for your life, you will finally be set free! Free to live the life that was intended for you. Free to be you, in all your glory! FREE!!! I believe in you! It’s time to believe in yourself!


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