An Image of Life, Love, and Death

I wrote this back when my Mom was slowly fading away from cancer in 2007. It was a devastating time in my life, not only was my Mom sick and dieing, my dad (my rock) crumbling, but my marriage was also going through the test of time. I was a mess, nothing in my life made since, and nobody (I thought) could even begin to understand what I was going through. I honestly didn’t believe I would survive this time in my life.

But as I watched my Mom fight for her life, I began to feel convicted about many areas in my life. How could I complain about anything as she lay so frail barely able to hold on but still fighting for her life. Selflessly wanting to know we would be okay without her.

My Mom fought the battle with cancer for 8 years. The doctors said she was a miracle case, because when she came to them she was already in stage 4 of her cancer. That evil poison that slowly and painfully sucked the life from her. The doctors gave her only 6 months to live, but she wasn’t having that. It was 8 years later that she finally let go and went to see her maker.

My Mom set an example of strength, love, determination, and heart. She showed me in those finally months what it meant to be a wife and mother. She showed me that I couldn’t live my life within a shell, and that life was way to short to play games with. She is my hero! I love you Mom and miss you more than words can express.

An Image of Life, Love, and Death

Rest in Peace Mama, you are always in my heart.

The light slowly fading as her life slips away.
Her Body weak, barely able to move, her hands frail,
and color fading, but her love forever true.

She fights for strength, for energy to make it through each
day, and when death knocks she tells him to go away.
She will not leave, will not lay her head to rest until she
knows what lies ahead. Her family is her first priority, she
needs to know they are ready to be on there own. So for
one more day, she fights to hold on and she will continue until
she feels it is safe to move on.

Her husband sits at her side, caring for her and loving her
while she slowly dies. He holds her hand and rubs her leg, he prays
this all would go away, but he holds her tight as they sit and cry
for all the time that has past them by.

By Tammy Jordan

4 thoughts on “An Image of Life, Love, and Death

  1. Beautiful poem, i feel what you felt when you wrote it! It validates their love and the relationship that you all will share always. Their love still have breath and life in your loving words. They are always with you, and your mother left you the strength that allows you now to change and jmove forward! Happy mother day to you sweet sister!

  2. So Beautiful! Your Mama left when she knew you could go on and become even stronger. Look at you now! big hugs. Renee 🙂

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