Some Days….

Some days I feel so overwhelmed and lost that I forget which way is left and right. I lose track of time. I get confused at the littlest things. I’m told this is old age. Who knows maybe I am getting old. I think however that when I get like this, it is my mind and body telling me to slow down. To breath.

Often times I go through my day, I’m sure like many of you, in a blur. Not able to recall what exactly I had done 5 mins from this point in time. I have to laugh at myself when I say something to someone and 30 mins later they may repeat it and I look at them like they are crazy cause I don’t remember saying it.

Life just gets to plum busy!

Right now my life is consumed with the book launch of When I Am Her. I’m so very excited to be co-hosting it with another beautiful Her. It is going to be an amazing turn out and we are going to have so much fun, as well I’m sure as shed some tears.

I’m looking forward more than anything to seeing all the beautiful women in the audience transform their lives one at a time. They don’t know it yet, but they are about to take the first step towards being a new woman! They are about to realize strength where they never thought they had it. To see themselves through the eyes of their friends instead of themselves. Which if we are all honest we are so hard on ourselves, our friends however see all the good in us that we refuse to accept. They will also realize dreams they had forgotten they even had.

I am a little nervous to be speaking in front of the 30-40 women that are supposed to show up. But I’m not half as nervous as I am just plain excited. This night is going to be the catalyst of so many wonderful and great things to come for Her Nation and for women all around the world.

I absolutely love the direction my life is going right now and can’t wait to see where God takes me from here.


4 thoughts on “Some Days….

  1. Hi Tammy,
    I am excited for you! Have you had the book launch yet? If not, I wish you all the very best in co-hosting. You will be great! I can’t wait to read about it.
    God bless xox

    • We had the book launch Sat. It was amazing. I will write about it soon. I’m trying to get rid of the flu right now and can’t stay focused long enough to write. But soon very soon. 🙂 and thank you for your well wishes.

      • Aww that is so awesome that the book launch was a success. Get plenty of rest and I hope you get better soon. I’m looking forward to your post about the book launch. Hugs xox

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