Fat Chance by Julie Hadden

Book Review –  Fat Chance by Julie Hadden

In the book Fat Chance by Julie Hadden, Biggest Loser runner up in season 4, Julie talks about her time on the ranch, her transformation physically, mentally, and spiritually, and she encourages and motivates her readers with her heart felt truths. I would greatly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with their weight and needs inspiration to make a healthy change in their life. As I was reading Fat Chance I felt connected to Julie in so many ways, her struggles were not her own it was as if she was me. Julie says in the book “I’d be shopping at Target with Mike and would catch sight of a friend I hadn’t seen in years, but instead of approaching to say hi, I’d hide behind the clothing rack until I was sure she was gone so that she wouldn’t see how terrible I looked” (Fat Chance, 2009). When I read that I felt her pain, her shame, her embarrassment and I understood her struggle because two years ago I had done the exact same thing. My heart cried with her as she shared her struggles and rejoiced with her in her triumphs. She reminded me that I am worth it and that I can be the change I need in my own life. I leave you with this quote from Julie’s book, “You are worth the life you long to live. You are capable of bringing it to pass. And the time has come for you to finally bet on YOU to win” Jillian Michaels.

Excuse number #1 – I forgot


2 thoughts on “Fat Chance by Julie Hadden

    • Everytime I run across something I want to read or watch I type the name into the memo section of my cell phone or I would forget everything. It’s a great book, really encouraging.

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