Tyler Perry at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

I got online today looking for an inspirational song, something to lift the spirit, to push me through the day, something I could hold onto when I felt discouraged.

Instead I came across this video of Tyler Perry speaking about Whitney at her funeral and my heart was touched. I got excited, because this woman who had this amazing God given talent, struggled so much in life. She made wrong choice after wrong choice and although to us she had everything, to her there was still something missing. However, through everything she put herself through the one thing that never waiverd was her faith in God. Her trust in God. Her need for God in her life.

My heart is so touched by this. I hope you are able to hear the message I heard when I listened to Tyler speak. I don’t want to tell you the message I heard because I believe that we all will get exactly what we need out of this. I believe that God will place in our heart what we need at the exact moment we hear it and that may be different then the message I heard. So I do not want to influence the spirit but encourage it by saying LISTEN. Don’t think, don’t judge, just listen and open your heart to what God has for you.

Have a blessed day.


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