My Vow

I have been once again reminded how precious life is, and how important it is to cherish our friends and family. I am reminded that just passing through and saying hi every once in a while is not enough. We have to be participants in the lives of those we love; we have to be participants in our own lives. I have watched to many people pass from this world and heard to many people say, “I wish I had done”, “ I wish I had said”, “I wish, I wish, I wish!”. When do we get into our thick heads that we don’t have to wish.  If we live in the moment, if we make relationships a priority instead of a pass time, if we choose now, today, to participate in their lives, then I wish will never have to be in our vocabulary.

I’m making a vow today to the people I love, to those closest to me. I will not be a bystander in your life. I will not watch life pass by and stand at your grave saying I wish. I will be a participant not a spectator, I will laugh and cry with you, I will tell you boldly and lovingly when you need to check yourself, and I will apologize when I am wrong. You will know that I love you, not in my words but in my actions. If for any reason you feel I am not honoring this vow please hold me accountable, because yes I am human and will make mistakes.

I also vow to myself to live life, to step out of my comfort zone, to allow for mistakes, and to love myself no matter where I’m at in life. I vow to be a fulltime participant in my life, to not live in self-pity but to live in the gift that God has given me and to value my worth.

Life is too short and we never know when our time is up. We can’t keep waiting for the perfect time, we just have to do it.


4 thoughts on “My Vow

  1. Thank you. My friend Chivon who I’ve posted about writing the book When I Am Her lost her father this morning unexpectedly. I don’t know what God’s plan is, and I don’t understand why He would take her father just two years after he had come into her life, but I know it fits into the skeem of things somehow. It was though one of those moments in life for me that I felt someone was holding my shoulders and firmly shaking me screamiing, WAKE UP! You don’t have as long as you think! We just have to cherish each day and be thankful for each breath while we have it. 🙂 xoxoxo

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